• So what exactly do you do?

    • I am a creative artist who enjoys making things. Especially things that are a unique and fun

  • What kind of gear do you use?

    • I shoot using professional digital cameras including Sony A7SII, , Sony A6500 and a wide variety of premium lenses.  I also use real vintage Canon Super 8mm cameras.


  • What exactly is Super 8mm Film? 

    • Taken from Wikipedia, “Super 8mm film is a motion picture film format released in 1965 as an improvement over the older Double or Regular 8 mm home movie format.”.  So basically Super 8 is a type of camera from the late 60’s – 70’s that shoots on real 8mm film that is not only unique looking but is also super fucking cool!

  • What is the Documentary Style Video like?

    • The Documentary Style Video is a much more complete version of your wedding day.  I go through all of the footage from the entire day and put together a “Un-Cut” video over music that shows the day from start to finish including prep, first looks, vows and toasts from one camera angle, cocktail hour, bouquet toss, garter flinging, cake smashing and all the awesome moments and dance moves your family and friends have to offer. These videos can run over 30 minutes, so gather on the couch, make some popcorn and get comfy. (Actual video length will vary)

  • What’s the difference between the Basic Cinema Package and the Feature Package

    • the Cinematic Short Film (included in the base package) captures your story, emotions, and the unique details of your unforgettable day. We hand-pick special moments from your full wedding day,key speeches and toasts, beautiful shots of your venue and put together a 5-7 minute cinematic film. Our creative approach to filming and diligence in editing allows us to create a beautiful memory that will last forever.

    • The feature film is a 12-15 minute film including the best clips presented in a fun, upbeat highlight style fashion. It has moments where I leave in the sound from the camera to create a new vibe and also includes main highlights from the ceremony, vows and toasts. This video is edited in a more lightly fashion over several songs. What is your turn around time?

  • What are your packages and do you have any examples of the other videos you provide?

    • Every event and wedding is different so I have a couple of different collections to help make things easier but can always be customized to fit your needs perfectly. My wedding packages start out at $4,800 and vary in price depending on exactly what you’re looking for! For my full pricing list, packages and examples of the different videos I offer, please contact me or email me.

  • How much is your deposit?

    • I require a 40% deposit to secure your date and the remaining balance is due On the day of the wedding.


  • Do you travel and does it cost extra?

    • I love to travel!
       We are constantly on the road serving brides and seeing this beautiful country.

    •  We have three tiers of travel budgets. 1. East Coast, 2. Midwest 3. west coast.

    • we spend several months at a time in various locations across the united states

    • Depending on where we are currently residing at the time of contract signing will determine the budget needed for your wedding (specific prices available upon request).

    • we ask that for weddings further away from our current residence, that we are provided with two nights accommodation

    • Having an exciting destination wedding? Get in touch with me and let’s talk details. I know budgets are always tough so lets see how we can make this happen!

  • Hotel/Airbnb Booking:

    • I love driving and flying, it’s perfect for getting properly prepared for your wedding but since I’ll be traveling in the day before, I would need a room for 2 nights (night before wedding and night of wedding). Some couples will get a block of hotel rooms for guest/family and will just add an extra room for me but if you would rather not have to worry about booking, I can search the average price of hotels or Airbnb’s (which can be significantly cheaper) within 15-20 minutes of your wedding location, confirm with you and add that amount into the final pricing.


  • We love you and are ready to book, what do we do?

    • If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on securing your date with me, just contact me! We can go over any details and once we get you set up with exactly what you want, I’ll send over a digital contract for you to look over and sign. Once I receive your deposit, the date is yours. It’s as simple as that!

  • Can we meet you?

    • I would love to meet you and have a chat! Whats your favorite bar or coffee shop? If you’re busy/long distance we can easily jump on a Skype/FaceTime chat!

  • My wedding was so much fun and you captured it perfectly, how can I rant and rave about you?!